“I have been in some of the world’s best and most famous studios and Sunset Lodge equals them in sound quality and “vibe”.  And the location? To die for.  And don’t forget to say hello Ramzig for me. ”
Greg Hetson, Bad Religion, Circle Jerks

“Sunset Lodge is the preferred studio for any project I’m working on. The professional and relaxed atmosphere is the perfect setting and the sound quality and finished product coming out of sunset lodge gives all my records a special shine.”
Nick Jett, Producer, Drummer, Terror

“Chris Rakestraw is a sonic master and studio captain of the highest order. He settles for nothing less than the finest sounds and the sweetest takes and makes it all seem effortless in the process. He also has the patience of a saint. And when you hear the Raker’s signature affirmation of ‘Yeaaaaaah, buddy!’ coming from the control room, you know it’s ON.”
–  J. Bennett, IDES OF GEMINI